We live in a world where the younger generation is just obsessed with taking photos of themselves. Sadly, these photos can cost someone their life. A new trend out there is called "daredevil selfies". 

Three college students from India lost their lives on Monday (1/26) when they were run over by the speeding train in an attempt to take a "Daredevil selfie".

The fourth friend, Aneesh, who survived the accident, told police that they were on their way to Agra to see the Taj Mahal on Republic Day and had stopped the car they were travelling in at the railway track to attempt the "daredevil selfie"."

So what exactly is this new kind of selfie? It's taking a selfie in an extremely dangerous situation in order to go viral, or just be "cool" on your social network. Honestly, it has to be one of the dumbest things to attempt.

Sadly three college students lost their lives in order to take a photo. Make sure your kids, or make sure that you yourself, aren't attempting photos like this.





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