Train is quickly climbing the charts with their latest song, 'Save Me, San Francisco,' an ode to the music and vibe of California's Bay Area. Using San Francisco as musical inspiration is nothing new.

  • Lights


    Given one of Journey's most memorable lyrics references South Detroit in 'Dont Stop Believin'', you might think Journey hails from Motown. Not true. Journey came together as a group of refugees from the band Santana, which was founded in San Francisco in 1967. The Steve Perry co-written 'Lights' is often played at San Francisco Giants baseball games.

  • San Franciscan Nights

    Eric Burdon and the Animals

    The song includes a spoken word dedication from Eric Burdon to 'to the city and people of San Francisco, who may not know it but they are beautiful and so is their city."

  • Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay

    Otis Redding

    The inspiration for 'Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay' didn't come from the city of San Francisco directly, but rather just to the north in Marin County's Sausalito, where Otis Redding had a bayfront house. The bay is, of course, San Francisco Bay.

  • Come Monday

    Jimmy Buffett

    Jimmy Buffet is most associated with Key West, but one of his best known songs was inspired by "heading up to San Francisco for the Labor Day Weekend Show."

  • We Built This City


    Starship's music roots go back to the Summer of Love and Haight-Ashbury when the group was known as the Jefferson Airplane. Several incarnations later and the synthesizer-mad mid-80s produced this power balled to the city they love.