This doesn't seem like something you'd see every day in the forest. But apparently it's more common than you'd think!

No these aren't eggs lined up on the side of this tree. Those are bubbles coming from the tree itself. The tree isn't a toddler blowing bubbles or a soda fizzing over, but it still looks like there's foam coming out of the bark.

There are a couple of reasons as to why this could be...

rangeley lake by south bog

Heavy Rains

When it rains in the forest, the water will come down the trees, bringing all sorts of dusts and salts. These two materials can become agitated on the bark, causing the foaming result. It has no damaging impact on the tree.

Bacterial Slime Flux

Pressure built in the wood of the tree can be caused from bacterial fermentation. This then leads to streaks of sap along the tree. When this happens to an already unhealthy tree, it can lead to leaf wilting and branch dieback. There is no treatment.

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Alcohol Flux

This is when a stressed tree leaks sap that is fermented by microbes. This causes a "frothy, fragrant, and fleeting stream of bubbles". These are completely harmless to the tree or its bark.

According to the forest health experts with the DEC, they believe this specific case has to do with alcohol flux. Find out more information by visiting the DEC's website

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