The folks at Lake Superior State University in Michigan have posted their 45th annual list of words that need to be banished in the New Year. This coincides with a social media discussion which recently transpired.

In honor of the Twitter trend and LSSU's list, we asked our Facebook Friends for THEIR most annoying words and phrases that need to go buh-bye in 2020. Here are some of the responses:

  • Barbara Jean: Gucci
  • Tina: Dope and literally
  • Stacy: Cray
  • Audra: That's fire
  • Patrick: Lit
  • Deb: My bad
  • Janice: Okay, Boomer

The list of words and phrases from Lake Superior State University also included these: artisanal, influencer, totes, living my best life, and quid pro quo.

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