Are children trick-or-treating Saturday or Sunday? That's the question a lot of parents are trying to figure out the answer to. Halloween falls on Sunday this year, a school night, which is why two communities in the Mohawk Valley have moved their trick-or-treating to take place Saturday.

On Thursday, the City of Utica announced that they recommended that 4PM to 7 PM on Sunday, October 31 to reduce litter and disruption in neighborhoods.

To add to that, the city of Little Falls and the town of Ilion have announced that they recommend trick-or-treating take place in those locations on Saturday evening.

According to city officials, Little Falls conducted an informal poll and found that parents would prefer to take kids trick-or-treating the night before.

Ilion Mayor Brian D. Lamica says the board of trustees found they would be able to have more police officers on duty Saturday night rather than Sunday.

Both locations have their trick-or-treating time from 5 PM to 7 PM.

Know of any other communities with a different trick-or-treat time? Let us know in the station app.

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