New York has its share of really unusual homes. Everything from crazy underground homes that are built out of cold war missile silos, to Jackie Gleeson's Spaceship house in the woods north of NYC, to a crazy treehouse Airbnb, to even a castle overlooking Lake George.

However, out of all the crazy, cool, and unique homes I've seen in the Empire State, this one in Pittsford has to be the most unusual of them all. It's known locally as The Mushroom House and the reason why is quite obvious. This world-famous house was designed by architect James Johnson who found his inspiration for the unique dwelling in a stem of Queen Anne's Lace. It's really amazing, but to me, it looks like the inspiration came from some magic 'shrooms or LSD.

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The house has had several owners throughout the years, selling in 2012 for almost $800,000 and selling again in 2015 for about $260,000 less.  Now you can rent it for "only" $5,500 a month. You'd have to be pretty high to think that's a bargain.

The Mushroom House In Pittsford, New York


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