I'm getting out my soap box today and wondering aloud why it's so difficult for people to put stuff away.  Read on and see if you can relate to my "Trudy wants to know" article.

When you were a kid, I'm sure you were taught to pick up after yourself and keep your room clean.  So what happens when we become grownups?  Does that mean we don't have to do that anymore?  Case in point.  Grocery carts.  Every grocery store has places to put the carts when you're finished shopping, yet so often, parking lots are littered with grocery carts.  As someone whose car has been hit more than once by a cart getting blown by the wind, I can tell you it's not that hard to take the extra few seconds to put the cart back when you're done with it.  Or how about dressing rooms?  Instead of putting clothes you don't want to buy on the rack right outside the dressing room door, people just dump them on the floor, throw them on the door and overall just trash the dressing rooms in stores.  Again, is it too much to ask to put those clothes on the rack so that the room is clean for the next person?  These are just two examples of inconsideration and I have no doubt you and I could both write a book with more examples.  I can promise you I always put the cart back and the clothes too!

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