You know how it goes. You get a friend request from someone with mutual friends, you accept, and a few minutes later, they're in your inbox trying to sell you something. If you're doing this: just stop it.

Look, I get it - you really love your MLM or raffle page or whatever it is you're selling, but sending a friend request just so you can try to sell something is not okay. It's like trying to sleep with someone before your first date.

I'm not here to smack-talk your MLM - your Plexus, or Arbonne, or Pampered Chef or whatever incredible, life-changing, thing you offer. I'm sure they're great products. If I want to buy some, I'm going to turn to the friends I already have who sell whatever it is, and support them. I'm going to buy from people I already have a relationship with.

That said, please, feel free to send me a friend request if you really want to make a connection. I'm good with that. I support my friends, and I want to support their side-hustle (or main hustle) - but let's get to know each other. Don't let your enthusiasm to make a sale have you ignore basic online etiquette.

  • Don't friend request someone just to sell them your product.
  • Don't tag 25 of your 'friends' in a post you just made about something you're selling. Even if it's for charity.
  • Don't add friends to your raffle page, or your 'group', without asking first.

When in doubt, ask how it would feel in real life. How would it feel if you walked up to a friend of a friend on the street said hello, and then started pitching them on your product without any conversation. It's icky. And definitely doesn't make them want to buy anything you're selling.

I wish you all the success in the world...just not like that.

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