Goo Goo Dolls scored with a big Lite 98.7 hit song in 1995 called "Name." Earlier this week the folks at BuzzFeed asked its contributors to provide the most unusual boys' or girls' names they'd ever encountered. The list was impressive. Drizzt, Pixel, Gamble, Seven, Rageous and Guitar were just a few of the great ones appearing in the subsequent BuzzFeed piece.

My son's name is Dashiell, so I decided to challenge my Facebook Friends in Central New York and beyond to tell us the most unique names THEY know, or know of, personally--excluding celebrities like Moon Unit and Dweezil Zappa. Here were some of the top responses:

  • Julie Marie nominated Swizzle.
  • Todd Valachovic has a buddy whose kid is named Styles.
  • Anna Ambrose knows of a Wanda Ada Waffle. "True story," she says.
  • Ronnie Greher's granddaughter's name is Saria.
  • Tonya Crisafulli knew a Bonnie Bea Bonnie Biillion in high school.
  • Jack Pflanz had a friend whose name was Justin Other Jones.

In my teens, I knew a kid named Poom, and I went to college with a Say. If you know of any other great names, feel free to toss 'em in.


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