I remember the first time I saw my son Dashiell when he was born in Rochester in the fall of 1986, I remember his first steps when we were living in Boston the following year, and I remember putting Dash on the bus for his first day of first grade in Syracuse.

And I recall other firsts, like the time he and his buddy Jim Fikes and I were trying to be the first ones inside Canada's Wonderland amusement park as it opened for business on a Saturday morning south of Toronto, and I shut the car door on his hand. (Luckily, there were no broken bones and his guitar playing hasn't suffered.)

Dash is all grown up now, as you can see from the picture above, taken last summer in New Jersey, where he lives with his girlfriend Val.

Now, we can add to the list of firsts. His band Secretary Legs has released its first official video. From the 2018 album Cool Myths, here's "Windblown and Well Versed," which comes with a little warning about some close-captioned profanity:

The band features Dash on guitar, Eric Truchan on drums, and the vocals and bass guitar work of KG Gogan. If you'd like to hear more from Secretary Legs, which is categorized as indie rock or garage rock or post-punk or maybe even "sweat rock," here's a link to their bandcamp page, with an entire discography.


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