The Syracuse area chain Tully's is well known throughout Upstate New York for their chicken tenders. Ever wanted to replicate that taste at home? Some people think they can mimic Tully's chicken tender recipe.

The discussion came up on the Syracuse discussion board on reddit recently. The secret seems to be in a thicker pancake style batter.

A good duplication from u/LightPhoenix uses this technique,

The batter is basic (flour, salt, baking powder, butter/oil/shortening, and possibly sugar) with seasonings (probably pepper and maybe MSG). A good starting point would be a pancake batter recipe (check the joy of cooking or online). You might need to thin it out some, not sure.
Take some chicken tenders from the store, dip in some egg (for binding), dip in the batter, fry until crispy brown. Baking will work but not as well - frying is what gives it the texture. Use whatever dips you want, and feel free to experiment with the seasonings.

A former Tully's employee who goes by u/JohnnyRhino says,

Use GoldenDipt batter mix, make a batter with it using milk. dredge the tenders in the dry mix, then the wet mix, then dry. then fry.

If you do give these a try, let us know in the comments below how close they come to the classic Tully's taste.

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