Last summer, there was a lot of speculation about Tully's opening a location in the Utica-Rome area. There was rumors of them taking over the former Zebb's location on Commercial Drive in New Hartford.

I even went so far to find out about this rumor further, and speak to management at the New York State Fair. They confirmed to me that they were checking out the location and were trying to figure out if it was worth it for them to open there. Unfortunately, we haven't really heard much since.

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UNTIL NOW! It looks like the Syracuse based chain is giving us a chance to show them how much we want them to come to the area!

It looks like Tully's will be at Herkimer's Downtown Chow Down on Monday July 27th from 4 pm to 8 pm as well as Ilion's Food Truck Frenzy from 4 to 8 pm on Wednesday, July 29th.

Back in June, Tully's announced they had developed a food truck to bring around to different locations selling their famous chicken tenders. This is the first time they will be experimenting with the Mohawk Valley.

Maybe this will give them the proof they need that a opening a restaurant here WILL succeed?

Many have commented on the posts about the truck coming to the Valley. Rachel said, "Hope they plan on bringing triple the normal amount of food they usually bring bc this line is gonna be huge stoked yesssssss." I have to agree.

I'm thinking if you want these tenders just as much as I do, you'll have to show up before or close to 4 pm when they open. I have a feeling they are going to sell out VERY fast - and they may under estimate how much the Mohawk Valley loves them and wants a restaurant here.

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