If you don't know who we're talking about, this letter's for you.

There are not many things in this world that will cause me road rage. I consider myself to be a relatively calm guy when I'm behind the wheel. But this is one thing that REALLY grinds my gears.

Credit - Google Maps
Credit - Google Maps

If you've ever driven to the end of Commercial Drive in New Hartford, you know about the intersection with Route 5. We're talking on the corner where Big Apple Music is, where if you cross straight over Route 5 you go into Jay K Lumber or Aldi.

It seems for some reason at this magical intersection, people in the left lane lose all conception of how to drive. Whether it's because of the traffic leaving Aldi or the lack of common sense, people turning left onto Route 5 have NO idea what's going on.

An irritated young man driving a vehicle is expressing his road rage.

Every single time at the intersection, whether there are cars or not, those in the left lane take their sweet time getting onto Route 5. Do you think the turn is too sharp? Is there a ghost car I'm missing that you're waiting for?

To make matters worse, the green arrow at the light doesn't stay on long enough either! If you're anxiety wasn't already high watching people forget how to drive, now you feel like you're playing "Minute To Win-It" with the traffic light!

Silly man gets into car crash and makes ridiculous face

With the construction going on for the Route 8/840 bridge over Route 12, even more people are forced to take this left. And you know what that means? More people unable to comprehend a simple left-hand turn.

IT'S NOT THAT HARD! Turn left when it goes green, commit to the right lane of the new road, and for the love of everything in this world... Drive the speed limit! The road says 40mph, not 10mph.

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