It's been 10 years (what?!) since Bella figured out that the hot guy in school is really a vampire and now the movie is headed back to CNY screens for a limited time.

'Twilight' (in case you were living under a rock 10 years ago) tells the story of Bella Swan as she moves from Arizona to Forks, Washington to live with her police-chief father. There, she meets the Cullen family, and becomes smitten with Edward Cullen after he saves her life. Turns out, the Cullens are vampires. And glittery.

The films are based on the trilogy of Twilight books written by Stephanie Meyer. They were presented as four films with the last book "Breaking Dawn" split into two films.

'Twilight' will return to theaters on October 21st and 23rd across the country, and in Central New York at Destiny's IMAX Theatre in Syracuse, and Shoppingtown Mall in DeWitt. You can buy tickets online at

If you'd rather watch at home, all five “Twilight Saga” films with new collectible artwork on Blu-ray Combo Pack (plus DVD and digital) will be released as well on Oct. 23.

Writer's note: I'm not ashamed to say I saw Twilight in the theaters 12 times when it first came out. And I'll see it again! Are you coming with me?




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