A cryptic message in the series finale of the ABC prime time drama 'Twin Peaks' has prompted some internet speculation that we may again be visiting Twin Peaks in 2014.

In one of the episode's final scenes, one of the characters, Laura Palmer, tells another character, Agent Dale Cooper, 'I'll see you in 25 years.' 25 years from the Twin Peaks debut in 1989 is right now, 2014.

The internet is buzzing with rumours and debunked rumours that we'll see something from David Lynch and Mark Frost, the co-creators of Twin Peaks.

The Red Room Scene

This is Agent Cooper's visit the the Red Room the fueled the '25 years' speculation.

The Black Lodge

The scene takes place in a location in the Black Lodge.' This 18 minute sequence is truly one of the oddest, unnerving and most frightening ever aired on network television. And whether the speculation about a Twin Peaks revamp is true or not, the show was 25 years ahead of its time.  The show would fit right in along today's TV stalwarts like Walking Dead or American Horror Story.


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