Twin Peaks fans (or Peakenese we used to be called) got an early Christmas present with the announcement that the cult 90s classic would be returning to TV in 2016, 25 years after the original series wrapped its two-year run on ABC.

The announcement was made by this teaser just released on YouTube.

5 Things I Can't Wait to See from the New 'Twin Peaks'

The new Twin Peaks will be set in the present, 25 years past the original story. So what 5 things can I not wait to see again? - Spoilers ahead for the original series and movie-

The Man from Another Place

Michael Anderson's Man from Another Place and the scenes from the White/Black Lodge are some of the most confounding and iconic of the series.

David Lynch Cameo as Agent Gordon Cole

Just as David Lynch is the mastermind behind the world of Twin Peaks, we learned that his character, FBI Agent Gordon Cole, is the driving force behind Agent Cooper's investigations. Plus, will we find out exactly what a 'Blue Rose' case is?

Will We Learn the Log Lady's Secrets?

One of the series most off-beat and recognizable characters in the Twin Peaks universe is the Log Lady. Her log speaks via the Log Lady to many characters and seems to have insights into everything happening in Twin Peaks.

The Owls - Are The What They Seem to Be?

Major Briggs is involved with something related to aliens and outer space. And somehow, owls are involved. And there are plenty of owls deep in the Washington woods. Briggs brings Agent Cooper a message: the owls are not what they seem. So what exactly are those owls?

What Happened to Agent Cooper?

Did the good Agent Cooper get stuck in the Black Lodge with his evil doppelganger escaping or is the good Cooper infected with BOB? The TV series finale leaves this 25-year cliffhanger:


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