Monday, February 4th is both National Football Hangover Day and National Hemp Day. Maybe they should be combined, especially in Central New York.

The National Day Calendar notes both days are being observed for the first time in 2019. Maybe we SHOULD put them together in Central New York. After all, we now have medicinal marijuana outlets in both New Hartford and Syracuse. Also, there's a new hemp beer from Western New York now on the market. And, when it comes to the Super Bowl, we can party with anybody.

According to the National Day Calendar, we can observe by supporting "hemp farmers and research hemp-derived products. Celebrate the history of hemp and the farmers that work so hard to grow it by checking out the products they have to offer; hemp can be found anywhere, from soaps and shampoos to socks and shorts."

According to the National Day Calendar, "National Football Hangover Day was submitted by ESPN host and sports personality Katie Nolan, Always Late with Katie Nolan, in January 2019. Katie wanted to give back to sports fans by devoting an entire day for the recovery of the big game day celebrations the night before."

Will you observe one of these? Both of them? Neither?

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