Considering that 15 cities were included on a new list naming the most dangerous in Upstate New York, the fact that only two are in the Mohawk Valley isn't all that bad.  And, both of those communities fall outside of the top 10 most dangerous cities.

Herkimer is ranked at number 12 on the list of the 15 most dangerous.  According to, crime stats from the FBI were used in determining how dangerous a city is.  The ranking is based on the number of violent crimes for every 100,000 people, and then adjusted for those cities with smaller populations.

Utica is ranked at number 13 on the list.  The next closest city to make the list is Syracuse, listed as the 5th most dangerous city here in Upstate New York.

Some of the other cities with the distinction of being considered "most dangerous" are Newburgh, ranked 4th, Rochester, listed as 3rd most dangerous, the city of Niagara Falls is second, and the most dangerous upstate city is Buffalo.


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