Here in Central New York, we are one of the very few areas in the U.S. that still doesn't have the Uber ridesharing service available.  The company is doing everything it can to change that.  Uber has gone as far posting ads for drivers on Craigslist, giving away free ice cream over the summer, and even informing Buffalo that they are the only NFL city with no Uber app.   Uber is a very popular way for sports fans and concert goers to get to and from the venues.

Uber has also spent about $1 million on lobbying firms to promote the service, according to   The New York State Legislature will meet again in January, and the company wants to make sure that the bill to approve the service is addressed.

People here in Central New York can download the Uber app and open an account, but can not request a ride.  Over 70,000 names have appeared on a petition asking lawmakers to approve the service.

Uber recruits drivers who will use their own cars to give customers rides.  The service usually costs less and is much quicker to respond than most taxi companies.  Drivers are paid based on the length and duration of the ride.

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