One driver caught more than a good bargain over Destiny USA in Syracuse. One local driver is reporting that a metallic craft with 4 bright white lights rotating in the middle was hovering over the mall. Did you see anything resembling this?

This event was recently submitted to MUFON, but it appears that this incident happened back on October 29th 2013. It appears the driver saw this craft while driving home from work on I81 Southbound around 2:30PM that afternoon:

We came around a bend and noticed to the left of the Destiny Mall and in the Horizon a metallic craft with 4 bright white lights rotating in the middle. The upper and lower parts of the craft were black, like what heated metal looks like. The middle had a row of 4 large white lights. The lights were lit but from the center of each light it would get bright white and expand outward. then the light next to it to the right would do the same thing and the previous light would go back to just being lit. And it would continue until it reached the light on the far right and after the light on the right would go back to just being lit, there was a pause and it would start from the far left again. This continued through out the sighting. The lights were so big that a passenger plane would have easily fit into each of them. When we came over the bridge it had gone more than approximately 30 miles in an instant. Now it was no longer to the right of us, it was directly in front of us in the distance. While it was hovering in the distance, it created a funnel cloud from directly underneath, from what i can only assume was due to its spinning but you could not see its base spinning, to the ground. We got off the exit on Spencer street. We turned left, now object was on the right of us again. Looking at the object in the distance, it was slightly to the right and far behind The Money Towers. Even at its distance it was as tall as 2 stories of the building. We sat there for a few minutes and observed it, drove east on Spencer street until we reached N. State street. We turned right and headed south and the object was now in front of us but slightly to the right. We sat there and watched it some more until it disappeared into the clouds."

Even though this report is from a few years back, did you happen to catch anything weird in the skies like this over the mall?