While driving South on the Arterial in Utica New York, one white rectangle took over the skies just hovering over Downtown Utica and East Utica.

This sighting was around 8:15PM on April 15th 2024. The sighting was by your author, yours truly.

I was driving from Marcy, back home to New Hartford. I noticed this weird tic-tac style light in the sky. At first, I thought it was either those massive lights over the Arterial in downtown, or a low flying plane. However, the object did not move. It just hovered over what appeared to be downtown. It appeared to be solid.

utica ufo
Dave Wheeler/TSM

As I drove more into the city, towards New Hartford, the light didn't move. At this point, it was like a solid light bar. No blinking, no nothing. Once I approached the first set of stop lights on going South Bound, the lights split into two. They hovered together for a minute, then quickly disappeared in opposite directions. It was crazy, and something I've never seen.

I tried by best to snap photos, but driving and taking photos isn't very safe. Once I hit the stoplight, the magic was gone, so I took photos of blank sky.

Did anyone else capture this? Did you see it? What do you think it was? Text us on our station app, we'd love to hear from you.

UFO Over Lowville March 7th 2024

One UFO report with the National UFO Reporting Database on March 7th, had very similar lights and video:

"The lights that appeared, and just as they came slowly in the frame, the lights went out I have seen star link and this was not that. I have also seen in person military exercises using flares at night and this was also not that. I am big into looking at stars and very aware of the world around me and I slammed on my brakes. The first time I saw it didn’t get my phone out in time. I waited a minute or two and then it appeared once more and got the video just after it started, I waited around another 10 minutes and did not appear again, it seemed like it lit up pretty much in the same spot as the first time."

Watch the video online here.

UFO Sighting Over Central New York February 24th 2024

It's been a busy end of February for Central New York and UFO sightings. Did you see these crazy lights over Utica?

Gallery Credit: Dave Wheeler

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