Is the city of Oneida the least known in New York State? It may be the largest city in Madison County and the largest population center between Utica and Syracuse, but the internet thinks Oneida may be the least recognized city in the Empire State.

An interesting question was recently asked on the New York board of reddit, 'Has anyone...even HEARD of Oneida?" The orignial poster goes on to say "I swear Oneida city is the least referred to city in NY."

That's certainly not the case for those of us who live in this region of the state. But what about those New Yorkers not in the central region of the state? Is it possible that they're not familiar with Oneida?

One commentor admitted he'd heard of Oneida Lake but not the city. And maybe that's the city of Oneida's problem. It's a very common name around these parts. Oneida Lake is the largest inland lake in the state but doesn't border the city. Oneida River flows from the Oneida Lake and eventually out to Lake Ontario, but again doesn't flow through the city of Oneida. Finally New York has an Oneida County, but the city of Oneida is just over the border and fully in another county, Madison.

So does the City of Oneida have a recognition problem in New York state?