More details are emerging in the triple homicide case that occurred in Utica this week.

Tonight the Utica Police Department is releasing the following information:

  • On January 6, 2014 at 1:21p.m. UPD officers responded to 1908 Whitesboro Street for a domestic incident involving Paul Bumbolo (also known as Paul Bumbalo) and his family. Officers were told that Paul struck a family member and after officers interviewed Paul, they determined that he should be held for a mental evaluation. The victim did not want to press charges against the suspect. Paul was transported to Faxton St. Luke’s hospital for that evaluation.
  • During their investigation officers learned that the family dog was badly injured. The family claimed that Paul Bumbolo was responsible for the dog's injuries.  The dog was taken by animal control and placed in the care of a local animal hospital. The SPCA is investigating that case.
  • At 1:55 p.m. Bumbolo was turned over to the staff at St. Luke’s Hospital.
  • At 7:51 p.m. Bumbolo was released from St. Luke’s Hospital.
  • At approximately 12:41 a.m. on January 7th Utica Police received a call from the Yorkville Police Department about an incident on Champlain Avenue. They responded for a call about a naked man throwing snowballs at someone’s window. Officers interviewed the man, who had blood on him. While speaking with the man, he allegedly made statements that he harmed family members. That prompted the authorities in Yorkville to call the UPD.
  • Utica Police arrived at the Whitesboro Street residence and, after knocking on the door with no success, officers opened an unsecured door, and found the body of one of the victims.
  • After a security sweep, officers located two more victims who were deceased.

The victims and the causes of their deaths are as follows:

Cindy Golden (23): Step-sister to the suspect, Paul Bumbalo.  The cause of death was exsanguination (blood loss) from stabbing, and a brainstem/spinal cord injury.

Michelle Bumbolo (63): Adoptive Mother of the suspect.  The cause of death was exsanguination (blood loss) from stabbing.

Michael Bumbolo (60): Uncle of the suspect-.  The cause of death was exsanguination (blood loss) from stabbing.

There are several hours (7:51pm-12:40am) of the suspect’s movements that are unaccounted for at this time.  The Utica Police Department is asking that anyone who may have information that may be helpful to police, or about this incident - including the suspect's whereabouts or actions on January 6-7, 2015 - please call the UPD at: (315) 223.3510.   All calls may be kept confidential.


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