Last week I interviewed my dad, who had been stuck at the bus terminal in Buffalo for more than 36 hours. He finally was given some good news, and hoping to make it back to Michigan soon!

During my phone interview with my dad last Thursday, during the day, there wasn't a definite answer on when he would be able to get on a bus and leave Buffalo. There were a few rumors going around that it would be Friday morning, but no one was exactly sure.

Thursday night, I received a phone call from my dad, saying a bus was on it's way to pick him up (this was at about 9pm). The bus route had been re-directed. He would get on a bus and be taken to New York City. There, he would wait 11 hours for the next bus, that would then take him to Michigan.

When my dad first left Utica on Tuesday night, he was expected to arrive in Flint, Michigan 15 hours later. It had been almost 72 hours, and he still wasn't home!

Well, the bus picked him up from New York City, he was on his way home to Michigan. Unfortunately, his adventure wasn't over yet. As the bus made it's way through Toledo, Ohio, it had to stop again because of an ice storm. Talk about some bad luck!

Finally, after 97 hours, my dad made it home to Michigan!

Next time I feel the need to complain that something is taking too long, or I'm sick of waiting (for anything! It doesn't matter what it is), I'm going to remember that it could always be worse. I could be stuck in a bus terminal - wanting to go home, in need of food, and a shower, just waiting... for hours... and hours....

...and hours.

After Just 36 Hours Stuck in Buffalo