If, or should I say "when" Uber gets the green light to hit the road here in upstate New York, it appears there won't be any shortage of drivers.  The popular ride sharing service has announced that 50,000 New Yorker's have signed up to become Uber driver-partners.

Uber partners use their own late model vehicles to transport riders to their requested destinations.  When a person requests a ride, the Uber app informs the closet driver of the request, and they have a few seconds to accept it, or ignore it.  If they choose not to accept, the request immediately goes to the next closest driver.  Uber usually has a driver arrive at the pick-up location within 10 minutes.

"The numbers don't lie: 50,000 people in New York have signed up to become driver-partners with Uber when it allowed to operate, and demand is growing every single day," said Uber NY General Manager Josh Mohrer.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has encouraged citizens of the upstate area to contact their legislators and let them know that they want ride sharing services available.  The law makers have thus far failed to approve Uber and Lyft in areas outside of New York City.

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