If you did any traveling during the holiday season, you likely experienced lower gas prices. Anywhere you travel in the continental United States, you'll find lower prices on gasoline than in Upstate New York.

And congratulations, Rochester, the Flour City currently has the highest gas prices in the nation, save for Alaska and Hawaii. The Democrat & Chronicle reports that $2.83 is the average price in the Rochester area with a range

from a low of $2.67 a gallon in Ontario, Wayne County, to more than $3 a gallon in Gates.

While gas prices in Rochester and Buffalo are roughly the same, there is significant variation among other cities in the state.

The average price in Syracuse is $2.62. It's $2.64 in Binghamton, $2.72 in Albany and $2.80 in New York City.

Do you think we'll ever see gas prices below $2 a gallon as may other places are enjoying right now?