Upstate New York is very rich in history. That history for one cemetery has Life magazine calling it a gateway to hell.

That one cemetery goes by a few different names, Forest Park Cemetery or Pinewoods cemetery. People who have been lucky enough, or unlucky enough to enter the gates have had shivers sent down their spine. Is it even possible that the claims made about this creepy burial ground are even true?

Forest Park Cemetery is located in Brunswick, New York. Brunswick is located in the Capital Region of the state right next to Troy. At one time the idea for the cemetery was to be tucked away from the gates offering more of a park-like feel than a cemetery. The cemetery has had numerous periods of time where it has laid dormant. We are in one of those periods. From 1975 to 1990 it also did before Brunswick took over. The most recent burial was in 2005, but those burials over the last half-century seemingly are few and far between.

There are plenty of things that make this cemetery very abnormal, mostly the urban legends. The cemetery actually is not open to the public. Upon coming to the entrance you will see numerous signs warning about the hot water trespassing can land you in. Some have been brave enough to ignore those signs and venture past the locked gates.


Some of those urban legends include a statue of a headless woman that bleeds from the neck. That may seem a bit obscene, but many have witnessed it. While there may not be any pictures of the paranormal event, there are no ways to dispute it either. The statue is said to have a buildup of moss growing around the neck, moss that turns red in the humid days of summer. Except the pictures show no moss.

Another story has to do with the mausoleums inside the cemetery. Mausoleums are meant to inter the bodies of the dead in an above-ground tomb. Nothing all too abnormal about that, right? Well, those mausoleums actually have nothing in them. No bodies to be found, no caskets, and no reason for standing. What makes this urban legend a little bit more troubling is the fact many have reported a green glow at night coming from them. Also, those same people have said they feel a force pulling them in when they try to exit the structure.

Even creepier and potentially more demonic than that is the story of a couple that visited the cemetery late at night. As the story goes, the couple was just seeking a little alone time. When they went to leave, their car wouldn't start and the man then exited the car to get help. Fast forward to the morning and police found the woman asleep in the vehicle with the man hanging from a nearby tree.

These are only a few of the dozens, if not hundreds of stories that originate from one of New York's most haunted cemeteries. Do you believe them?

Normally on an annual basis, the Town of Brunswick will hold what they call a 'respectful tour' of the grounds. As of this moment, one hasn't been held since 2019, although the pandemic certainly has something to do with that. Hopefully, there will be one announced soon for 2021, we will keep you updated on that information.

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