You can taste the foods of the world right here in Upstate New York. The 3rd Annual International Taste Festival is back for 2024.

The event will be held April 6th 2024 at the New York State Fairgrounds Center of Progress Building. With a focus on the tastes and traditions of many different countries and cultures, the festival invites you to attend with family and friends.

Enjoy foods from our diverse Regions:

Foods of the Americas
Asian Creations
Middle Eastern Cuisine
Pan African Treats
Tastes of Europe

The event has all sorts of family fun, local diverse entertainment, and food vendors will offer $2 sample items along with full priced items. An International Taste Fest 5K/10K is also part of the event. Registration is required online here.

Both the 5K & 10K race will start and finish at the Center of Progress -NYS Fairgrounds, with a portion of the run inside the Fairgrounds as well as on the Empire Trail."


Advance sale tickets are only $5 per person (kids under 10 years of age free).
One ticket per person required. Advance sale tickets are available now through April 5th only. Same day tickets are available at the door for $10 per person (kids under 10 years of age free). One ticket per person required.

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