We get it, it can be tough to remember to get your car inspected. Maybe there's a chance your car won't pass. Don't DIY it.

An intrepid wanna-be-artist tried to fake his inspection sticker in New York - but failed miserably, as detailed in a post by a garage employee in Buffalo.

Not only did the artist leave out the months of September and October (hey, honest mistake), he even spelled 'safety' incorrectly.

Credit: Tony Lasher
Credit: Tony Lasher

In the interest of full disclosure - we're not even sure if this was a male, it could have been a woman - but we'd like to think a woman would be a little better a crafting. Isn't there a Pinterest pin on faking your registration?

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No word on whether the vehicle earned an actual inspection sticker, but he definitely earned points for chutzpah and creativity - but none for execution.

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