The story of an upstate New York man surviving a horrifying accident will have you believing in guardian angels.

A 28-year-old Watervilet man was involved in a car accident on Route 787. His sports car ended up crushed under a 45,000 truck. Miraculously, he not only survived but he has virtually no injuries.

Jelani Reyes-Craig ended up underneath a flour truck, with smoke pouring in his vehicle. He managed to stay calm, cut his seatbelt and even filmed his extrication by the fire department.

Lieutenant Jim Strock with the Watervliet Fire Department tells NEWS10 ABC he pulled up to the scene expecting to recover a body.

“Survivability rate on this is zero. No way is this guy alive. Then they said, ‘He’s talking.’ I’m like, no way. I go around the car and I yell in ‘Hey bud.’ He goes ‘Dude, can you take my picture? This is unbelievable.’ And I’m like, what,” said Lt. Strock.

In the end, Reyes-Craig needed a few stitches to his hand and lost a couple of teeth.

He might want to give a big THANK YOU to his guardian angel.

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