A Buffalo woman was scammed out of $718,000 by a man who didn't really exist. The woman, who hasn't been named, met a man she thought was Marvin Roecker on MillionaireMatch.com. Turns out, Marvin was really two men from Ghana.

The woman was convinced to wire a series of payments to Roecker to facilitate the sale of "dried cocoa beans" to Kraft-Heinz, according to the Buffalo News.

The FBI arrested the two men, who had scammed additional money from another unsuspecting victim as well.

The Upstate NY woman didn't realize she was being scammed until she received a call that was allegedly from Roecker trying to squeeze more money from her, stating he had been stopped at the airport for smuggling gold into the United States.

It's a safe bet that if someone you don't know, have never met, and is allegedly a millionaire needs you to send them $718,000 - it's a scam. Same goes for that email from your distant Uncle in Uganda...probably not legit.

Online dating isn't a bad thing...just use common sense and don't send anyone your dollars and cents.



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