If you caught Monday night's episode of "The Wall," you got to see history being made during the show. It was their biggest prize amount awarded, and it went to a father daughter team from New York.

What a great, feel good story. A father and daughter team competed on the NBC show "The Wall," and ended up walking away with more than a million dollars. Kirk Spangler and Brooke Spangler are originally from the small town of Angelica, New York (which is on the southwestern side of the state). In case you missed the excitement, according to WHEC, this is what happened:

Kirk successfully answered three questions correctly, and Brooke’s decisions outside of the question booth led them to build up a total of $1,415,098. While in isolation, Kirk had the option to sign a guarantee of at least $35,023 (which ended up being $95,023 because he answered three questions correctly), or risk what happened on The Wall.

How exciting for Kirk and Brooke! Even if they would have taken the guarantee, the Splanglers would have walked away with some serious cash, but they decided to risk it, and it was a great decision.

Now, Brooke doesn't live in New York anymore. According to WHEC, she is now a pharmacist in Virginia. Kirk Spangler is still in New York, working for SUNY Geneseo. But after winning big on "The Wall," who knows what their future plans are going to be.

If you missed the episode, check out the highlights in the video (at the top of this page). But be warned, you may want to have a few tissues handy. It made us cry!




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