It's been included on a list of the 21 best Irish pubs in America, and the bar on Tipperary Hill in Syracuse is one of the most unique in the country.  For the past 84 years, Coleman's Authentic Irish Pub has been serving up a taste of Ireland.

If the upcoming St. Patrick's day is a big one for you, you may want to visit the bar where Leprechauns have their own booth, separate entrance, and even their own taxi stand.  The Post Standard reports that inside Coleman's you find two clocks as well.  One gives the time in Syracuse, the other shows the time in Dublin.  Even the neighborhood traffic light is unique, with the green light on the top instead of the bottom.

And, as of this week, the green beer is flowing at Coleman's.  You'll also find Harp, Guinness and Irish Red Ale, among many other brews.  And of course there's the pub shop, where you can purchase a souvenir of your visit to the upstate area's most uniqu Irish pub.

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