Utica and Rome are great hometowns from the Aud to the Zoo. Here's a look at Central New York from A to Z.


  • A

    Utica Memorial Auditorium

    The home of the Comets, Utica College Pioneers and a model for Madison Square Garden.

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  • B

    Bagg's Square

    Utica's original neighborhood.

  • C

    Utica Comets

    U-TIC-A! U-TIC-A!

  • D

    Lake Delta

    Rome's favorite summertime spot.

  • E

    Erie Canal

    The first shovelfuls of dirt for the waterway that built the Empire State were dug here.

  • F

    Fort Stanwix

    Rome's Revolutionary War Fort and National Monument.

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  • G

    Griffiss Park

    The former Griffiss Air Force Base hosted the infamous Woodstock '99 and today is the home of Eastern Air Defense Sector.

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  • H

    Hotel Utica

    The landmark hotel helps define Utica's skyline.

  • I


    Utica First, Utica National, Met Life, Commercial Travelers...the list goes on and on with insurance providers who call Utica home.

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  • J

    Jelly Buns

    Sing along, "Jelly Bun, Jelly Bun oh Jelly Jelly Bun..."

    Be sure to say hello to Cupcake and Chuckie when you stop by Holland Farms.

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  • K

    Kent Amphitheater

    Rome's historic, abandoned amphitheater can now be found along the new Mohawk River trail.

  • L

    Stop Lights

    Who hasn't been frustrated by the traffic lights around Utica?

  • M

    Adirondack Mountains

    Utica is the gateway to New York's Adirondack Park.

    Eric Meier Collection
  • N

    Nail Creek

    Nail Creek is more than the name of a popular Varick Street pub. The creek once powered Utica's mills and now runs underneath the modern city.

  • O

    Old Main

    The imposing Old Main building on the campus of the Utica State Hospital is one of West Utica's best known landmarks.

  • P


    From the city's Proctor Parks to Proctor High School and Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute, the family name is synonymous with Utica.

  • Q

    Quad C

    Most people know the Utica area's nanotechnology center simply as "Nano Utica" but you could also call it Quad C - meaning Computer Chip Commercialization Center located at SUNY Poly in Marcy.

    Jim Rondenelli/WIBX
  • R

    Chicken Riggies

    Chicken Riggies are Utica's signature dish.

  • S

    Sangertown Square Mall

    Sangertown Square is Central New York's shopping mecca.

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  • T

    Tomato Pie

    Oh it's not pizza, it's tomato pie and it's all Utica.

  • U

    Upside Down Pizza

    We do pizza in a way that's all our own.

  • V

    Varick Street

    Just a few blocks long, Varick Street defines nightlife in Utica.

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  • W

    West End Brewery

    Call it the Saranac Brewery or F.X. Matt if you like, but the historic West End Brewery in Utica is treasured by beer lovers across America.

    Make it a U-C for me, please.

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  • X

    X-Country Skiing

    The BREIA trails in Boonville offer the best cross country skiing in the eastern United States.

  • Y

    Yellow Brick Road

    The village of Chittenango was the home of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz author L. Frank Baum. And yes that is a Yellow Brick Road sidewalk. Chittenango also is home to the new Yellow Brick Road casino.

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  • Z

    Utica Zoo

    Located at Conkling Park, the Utica Zoo is home to the World's Largest Watering Can.