A new ranking of the safest cities in New York puts New Hartford well behind Utica and Rome, although the cities all rank among the safest in the state.

Alarms.org used FBI data to rank cities in New York from safest to least safe. Alarms.org took into account factors like the number of violent and property crimes, the number of police officers per 1,000 residents in a city, and the crime rate per 1,000 residents. These statistics were "normalized" to give a crime rate score, and a "police "adequacy score." These were combined to give a "safety score" for each city.

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Among Central New York cities, Manlius and Camillus - near Syracuse - ranked the highest. In the Mohawk Valley, Rome comes out on top - followed by Utica, Oneida, and New Hartford ranking at the very bottom of the top 120 cities. 

The cities are listed among the safest in New York State, out of the 3,381 cities included in the ranking - excluding those with populations of less than 10,000 people.

  • #39 Manlius - 11.39 crime rate per 1,000 and 1.8 officers for every 1,000 residents
  • #61 Camillus - 11.81 crime rate per 1,000 and 1.1 officers
  • #68 Rome - 18.24 crime rate, and 2.32 officers per 1,000
  • #102 Syracuse - 37.91 crime rate per 1,000, and 3.41 officers per 1,000
  • #112 Oneida - 39.31 crime rate per 1,000, and 2.47 officers
  • #120 New Hartford - 34.41 crime rate/1,000 and 1.19 officers per 1,000 residents

Interestingly, Alarms.org doesn't provide the safety scores derived for each city, just the objective crime data derived from the FBI Uniform Crime Report statistics for 2018.

Do you think this ranking reflects your perception of which Central New York cities are safest?


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