Dunkin' has always had a large variety of beverages to choose from. Hot or iced, even frozen, it seems like they have something on their menu for everyone.

Recently, Dunkin' came out with Refreshers. They're made with iced green tea, and available in two flavors, Strawberry Dragonfruit flavored and Peach Passion Fruit flavored. Now the company is testing more drinks to add to the menu - and for once they're being tested right here in the Mohawk Valley according to Food Beast.

Dunkin’s new Bubble Iced Tea and Bubble Iced Coffee’s “are sweetened with brown sugar syrup and new brown sugar-flavored bubbles for delicious sweetness you both can sip and chew. Both tasty new beverages are served with a special, extra-wide Bubble paper straw,” the company stated.

Some people interchange the term bubble tea with the term boba. But the boba are actually what is inside the drink. According to MyDonamine, boba are large, chewy tapioca pearls made of tapioca starch (a gluten-free starch extracted from a cassava plant's roots). They float inside the drink, which is known as bubble tea.

Dunkin' Locations Testing Boba Drinks

—4 Harding Ave., Ludlow, MA
—112 N. Genesee St., Utica, NY
—1701 Black River Blvd. N, Rome, NY
—751 Meadow St., Chicopee, MA
—55 Maple St., East Longmeadow MA
—694 Page Blvd., Springfield, MA
—1155 Erie Blvd., W Rome NY
—81 Oriskany Blvd., Whitesboro, NY
—9221 River Rd., Marcy, NY
—568 Belmont Ave., Springfield, MA

If you're interested in trying them, you'll need to head over to one of the listed Dunkin' locations. You'll only be able to try the new Boba drinks until August 18th.

Dunkin' is also testing other new beverages this summer, including Sparkling Iced Coffee, Cold Brew Shandy, Green Tea Blueberry Shandy, among others. There's no word if those will be available at the same locations.


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