An area Facebook page called "Utica Area Restaurant Review" popped up in 2015 as a joke to share a bad review. A couple years, a couple hundred reviews and a few thousand members later and they've really stepped up their game.

This public page is a place for anyone to share reviews and comments about area eateries, whether it be a good review or a bad one. And of course, everybody's impression of a place is different, so there's a lot of back and forth conversations pointing out that even on the same night people had completely different experiences. Founder Tommy Lamach has now added a new feature to the page - their official seal of approval.

If you see this window sticker at an area restaurant, it means they have plenty of positive reviews on this site. This is certainly not a foolproof way to ensure a great meal or great service, but it really helps. And it's refreshing to see a group of people making honest and useful local restaurant reviews, sometimes even more useful than other sites out there.

They do have rules in place to make sure that the reviews are truly useful - both to potential patrons and the owners of the businesses. You'll find recent reviews of 69 Steakhouse, Wakeley's, Holiday Inn-Moose River Restaurant, Cafe Canole and many more. You do have to "apply" for membership to be able to post a review, but anyone can read the reviews right now.

Which local restaurant would you like to review?


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