Decision Time! We want to know which Central New York food staple you could NOT possibly go without. It's going to cost you all the other dishes, though...

This is a just-for-fun, hypothetical situation in which you have to choose which iconic food from our area is your favorite... Your favorite, so much so, that you would be willing to give up all the other Central New York foods, just so you could have it.

Okay, so there are a few things to mention:

1. You are still allowed to eat other foods like subs, Taco Bell, meatloaf, whatever else you want. It's not like this is the ONLY food you are allowed to eat for the rest of your life.

2. You can get your chosen dish (or treat) from a variety of places. Say you choose chicken riggies. That means you can have your mother's homemade chicken riggies, but you can also go to the Delta Lake Inn and have their chicken riggies.

3. We know we didn't include every iconic Central New York dish, just a handful of them. That means you don't have to give up the other ones, just what's included in this list.

Alright, so which ones are you willing to give up??

Vote in the poll below and tell us which one dish (or treat) you would continue eating, even if it means giving up the other iconic CNY foods:




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