You've seen the stories on TV and probably driven by a few horrible accidents in Utica and the surrounding area. So what are the area's most dangerous intersections? has reviewed the accident reports and compiled the data to determine where the hot spots are. And the results aren't that surprising.

Coming in at #1 - Burrstone Road and French Road. Over the two year period (January 2015-December 2016) this intersection saw 59 crashes with 11 injuries.

Notable in Rome, #5 - Black River Boulevard North and East Chestnut Street. And #9 - Erie Boulevard West and South James Street. Each saw over 30 crashes.

In New Hartford we find #12 - Route 12/5 - Seneca Turnpike - Genesee Street. There are so many routes that intersect here that it's no wonder it landed on the list. This location saw 27 crashes with 11 injuries.

Also in New Hartford, #25 is no surprise - Seneca Turnpike and Middlesettlement Road.

There were several locations in the top 25 along the North-South Arterial in Utica, but those numbers are probably much different today. Remember, this 2 year period does not include the surge of accidents along the Arterial during the major highway construction in 2017. You can take a look at the complete list here.

The folks at Martin, Harding & Mazzotti have some helpful driving tips at that everyone could use as a reminder. Let's be safe out there and get these accident numbers down.


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