Baseball, hotdogs, and a nice beer or an ice-cold lemonade...Sounds like a great night in Utica, right?! Well, it's coming.

The Utica Blue Sox will be hosting their opening night in a couple of weeks. What better way to spend an evening in the area than cheering on a little Blue Sox baseball?? Grab the kids and make it a whole family event.

According to the Utica Blue Sox's Facebook Page, the big night is Friday, June 2nd. They'll be battling the "Adirondack Trail Blazers" with the whole opening night celebration starting at 6pm. Of course it's opening night, so the game will be at Donovan Stadium at Murnane Field, located on Sunset Ave. in Utica. Tickets will be available soon (or you can get them when you arrive to the field).

If you can't make it out to opening night, you can join them on Saturday, June 3rd when they play against the "Onondaga Flames." That game is also at Donovan Stadium. If both those games are out for you, you can see their full schedule on: The Utica Blue Sox's Game Calendar. You can also look for the little "pocket schedule" at places all over Central New York like Tiny's Bar and Grill in Utica, Symeon's Greek Restaurant in Yorkville, McDonald's, Bank of Utica, Clinton Tractor, Carmella's Cafe in New Hartford, and tons of other locations.

So get the whole family together and get ready for an evening of great, old-fashioned baseball. Mother Nature may not be cooperating with us yet, but June is a few weeks away. Hopefully by then it will start feeling like summer is on its way. Even if it doesn't, a good game of baseball will help.





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