The pandemic has made it necessary for some of our favorite local businesses to get a bit creative when it comes to making more money. Kudos to our friends at Woodland Farm Brewery who are taking their efforts to a whole new level by providing beer delivery.

It was announced on their Facebook page late Tuesday night that the Brewery, starting the week of November 9th, will be offering beer delivery. If you, your friends, your parents, live within 10 miles of their location at 6002 Trenton Road in Utica, you're able to take part in the new service.

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How exactly does it work?

Soon you'll be able to put an order in online for beer, apparel, and merchandise. You just have to make your order worth more than $25 and the nice people there will drop it off right at your doorstep. Talk about amazing service without the risk of drinking and driving. Plus, it's contactless, so you're safe to drink without the thought of catching anything.

The deliveries will take place after 5pm on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Orders must be placed before 4:00PM and deliveries will be made between 5 and 7 on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Deliveries made after 4:00PM will be delivered on our next delivery day.

Woodland Farm Brewery opened their doors back in 2015 and since then has brewed many, many gallons of beer. Each week they brew 300 gallons! There's always something new to try there, which makes it enjoyable for so many in the Utica area.

You can find out what is available as part of their beer delivery program on their website.

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