A great story coming out of the Utica City Football Club as a local soccer standout gets a chance to shine as a pro playing in his home city.

Issak Somow was born in Kenya but moved to Utica in 2006 when he was just 8-year-old. He played soccer at Proctor High School and after graduating played for two local colleges. At Herkimer, he led the renowned Generals in assists his freshman year and helped guide the team to the National Tournament semi-finals. He also spent time at Mohawk Valley Community College, were he tallied 39 points on 17 goals and 5 assists, including 6 game winners for the Hawks.

''It's always been a dream to be able to play for my home city. Now, the goal is to bring a trophy back,'' Somow told WIBX 950. The 23-year-old says he and his family chose Utica to relocate-to some 15-years ago because he already had several family members in the area. Since, that family has only grown larger, he says.

''What I like about [Utica] is it's a small place where everyone knowns each other, and everyone is basically family. There are no outsiders - White, Black, Asian - it doesn't matter. Everybody is one, especially when it comes to the game of soccer.''

The contract Somow inked is for the 2021-22 Major Arena Soccer League season, slated for late November through next April. Teams are projected to each play a 24-game schedule next season, with playoffs to follow, according to the MASL.

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