Utica now has the perfect spot for you to enjoy disc golf with friends and family.

Introducing Discmania- Utica's newest disc golf course. It's a nine-hole course that was designed in consultation with World Champion professional disc golfer Avery Jenkins. According to WKTV, Discmania is hoping to showcase the beauty of local parks:

"The goal was to set up a challenging course that showcases the beauty of Roscoe Conkling Park and provides continuity between the various family-friendly facilities from the Parkway to Valley View," a release from the City stated.

The course is set up through the wooded area in the northern part of Roscoe Conkling Park. It is visible from the street. Disc rentals at Discmania will be available at the Parkway Recreation Center for free. There will be a $25 cash deposit until return.

"Disc golf is a popular and growing sport, and Roscoe Conkling Park will serve as the perfect backdrop to all of our disc golfers. It’s another great reason to come and have fun in the City of Utica," the mayor continued.

This disc golf park of Utica is going to be an excellent addition to the community by providing a family-friendly activity for players of all ages. This is the ideal course to cater to new players while still enticing the experienced players and keeping them engaged. Disc golf is one of the best sports to get individuals outside and actively playing.

Have you played disc golf? Do you prefer it over actual golf? Let us know when you text us on our station app.

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