A birthday celebration ended with a 'gift' from the family dog.

Katie Matt returned home from a day at Green Lakes for her son's birthday and found the present in her bathroom. "As I walked into the house I heard the kids yelling “oh my god!!” over and over and laughing."

What Katie walked in on was a huge mess, although she says her husband used a "little different terminology." The floors were tore up. There were holes in the walls. The insulation was even pulled out.

Somehow, the dog Comet shut herself in the bathroom and panicked. "I walked in took one look and just started laughing. What else could I do?"

Photo by - Katie Matt

Comet is a little over a year old and Katie says she's always been a good dog when home alone. "She’s never done anything like this. We have left her before and never had an issue."

Katie says they were more concerned for Comet then the mess that can be fixed. "We couldn't even be mad. We felt so bad for her."

Thankfully, Comet is OK and she provided a birthday the Matt family won't soon forget.

Photo by - Katie Matt

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