Have you ever wanted to get into acting? Here in Utica New York, one film company wants to make that a reality.

Currently the Anthony Stella Productions' company is on the hunt for extras, according to an ad on CraigsList:

Hello there! We are looking for volunteers to be cast as extras in Anthony Stella Productions' third feature film, 'Awakening,' which is being shot in August, 2021 in Oneida County. You will act as normal folks enjoying food and/or drink, blending into the background of our high-end restaurant scenes.

The ad goes on to say that your name(s) will be featured in the film credits. The ad mentions that there is no pay for the work, but at least you would get some free meals out of the deal.

If you're interested and want to apply, you can learn more here.

Anthony Stella Productions is the brainchild of John Martoccia. The name of this production company is taken from John’s parents Anthony and Stella Martoccia. You can find two movies; Vito Bonafacci and Death of a Tree. These two movies have been produced under this production company, and audiences searching for Christian movies online should definitely check out these movies and their spiritual messages.

Vito Bonafacci is the story of a man who is caught up in the limelight and riches of the materialistic world.

In essence though, it is the story of humanity. In a world where religion and God are seen as abstractions that are difficult to attain and comprehend, director John Martoccia explores these aspects in great depths."

Death of a Tree is a tragic, yet hopeful story of an older, divorced man trying to lead a chaste life as a devout Catholic who is seduced and falls in to a relationship with a younger woman.

You can read more online on both films here.

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