It's time to get creative! Get your friends together to create an awesome movie and be a part of the film festival, or come out to watch all the movies that everyone has created. Either way, it's going to be an action-packed, dramatic, event in Utica!


Cameraman Filming
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If you ever wanted to test out your directing skills or maybe see how well your acting is, this is the event for you! Here's how it works:

-First, you need to register your team. Your team can have up to five people (as your main crew members - like director, writer, and all that), but you can have other people help you out.

-Come up with a team name. You'll need an email as well, so you can get the guidelines once the festival has started.

-Then register online. Registration begins May 1st, and goes until May 10th (unless 15 teams are signed up before then). It costs $10 per person on a team to register.


Film Director
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Now, here's where the fun really begins. On May 15th the Film Festival will start. Registered teams will get an email that includes guidelines and some mandatory things that must be included in their movie. (It could be anything from a type of shot, to something an actor or actress must say). Teams have 48 hours to create their short film and include at least three of the guidelines (that get emailed to them), and have it ready for the screening on May 17th.

Don't panic! I know that's not a lot of time to get a movie in, but these are short films. The maximum time is ten minutes long (so no worries).

The movies will be screened at Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute on Sunday, May 17th, starting at 7pm. Judges will pick the top three movies, and the audience will pick winners for things like 'Best Actor,' and such.

If you're ready to get out your creative side and you want to be a part of this Film Festival, you can register at the utica48 wordpress page. There you will also find contact information and everything else you need to know about being a part of this event (a few other rules for movie-makers). You can also get more details on the Utica 48 Hour Film Festival Facebook Page.




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