It has to be pretty hard to get this distinction being there is such a massive Italian influence in not just CNY but New York in general.

Only in Your State did an article about the 9 Italian Restaurants in NY That Serve Pasta to Die For, and wouldn't you know it, Utica grabs the top spot. Well, not the city but Joey's 307. Now from a story that was actually just told to me, the owner is just a foodie who followed a passion which makes it even better to know they made the top of the list. That's the inspiration for all that love cooking to follow your dreams.

The Utica restaurant puts an aroma in the air that will get your stomach rumbling and more than excited for the homemade dishes they serve. - Only In Your State

That's another incredible statement to be made about a local restaurant. But, my question is, what other Italian restaurants in the area also should be on this list? A few places in CNY took one of the 9 slots, but Joeys 307 is the only one in the direct area.

  • Number 1: Joeys 307 in Utica
  • Number 3: Pastabilities in Syracuse
  • Number 4: Rosalie's Cucina in Skaneateles
  • Number 7: Spaghetti Factory in Durhamville

When showing this list to someone in the building, they had said Pastabilities should be at number one. Without having them I can't make that claim. Have you been to Joey's 307 or any of the others that made the list? If so, is the hype real?

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