The Utica Skatepark is raising to build new obstacles for their skatepark in Utica New York. Through the magic of GoFundMe, the campaign has already raised over $2,000.

The current ramps at the skatepark in Utica are over 15 years old.

This is one of the only parks in the city that gets used almost everyday and the city has no plans to fix old ramps or add new obstacles."

The Utica Skateparks plan is to start out building 3 metal fabricated benches with quality concrete tops, that will be replaceable when the concrete eventually gets too worn from skating. However, to do this, they needed the funds. This is when a GoFundMe was set up, with the goal of $1,500. So far, they have crushed that goal.

Last year we successfully pooled our money together to get new rails made for our park. These obstacles are just as good as the day they were installed and have made all of us better skateboarders who regulars at the park."

For the future, they have more obstacles in mind once this is project is accomplished. Many of the team work in trades (concrete/metal/carpentry) and are fully capable of making this dream a reality.

If you'd like to donate, you can learn more here.

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