Men can be some of the easiest people to shop for. Each and every Christmas I hear women say “It's so hard to shop for him”. Why? Men are so easy. I'll prove it, here's simple Utica Stocking Stuffers for men.

Pack Of New York Lottery Tickets

New York Lottery

Why not stuff that stocking with the New York Lottery's newest holiday scratch off ticket, the Holiday Hundreds. He can win up to $2,000 dollars, which means you win up to $2,000 dollars.

Membership To Swifty's Mug Club

Jay S/Swifty's Restaurant & Pub

At Swifty's Restaurant & Pub in Utica you can sign him up for the Mug Club. This Mug Club gives him a mug up on the bar wall, and it gives him happy hour prices at any time he walks into Swifty's. The best part, it's a one time fee of $45 dollars, and it transfers to the other Swifty's locations in Indian Lake, Delmar, and of course here in Utica.

Utica Club Beer Natural Carbonation Band Record


He loves drinking Utica Club, so why not give him the soothing sounds of Utica Club on vinyl? I wish I was kidding but its a real Utica Club beer song, check it out.



1 Hour Golf Clinic At The Turning Stone

Turning Stone

At the Turning Stone Resort and Casino through April 1st you can get one hour of instructions, rental clubs and range balls for only $25 per person. He loves golf, you love when he golfs, so why not combine both loves together? He'll be even happier when he improves his game over the winter.

Bag Of Joe's Jerky

Joe's Jerky

With over 30 years of meat processing experience Joe’s Jerky, the maker of USDA approved Original, Hot, & Teriyaki Jerky is located in Sherrill. He likes to chow down on this throughout his work day, and now you can save him a few bucks and place this in his stocking. You might even find that you enjoy the jerky too.