A photo essay entitled 'Utica Struggles' was released yesterday by Getty Images, the international media's clearinghouse of images.  The photos were picked up by many news outlets including the Albany Times-Union and USA Today.  The Downtown Utica Development Authority and Mayor Rob Palmeri have stated on Facebook that the photos are one-sided and don't show the bright side of our community.  Take a look and judge for yourself.

From the description of the 'Utica Struggles' photo essay:

Like many upstate New York communities, Utica is struggling to make the transition from a former manufacturing hub. The city's individual poverty rate is twice the national average with an unemployment rate of 9.8% as of February 2012. Citing Utica's weakening financial margins over the past two years, Fitch Ratings downgraded its credit rating on Utica by two notches to a triple-B, two rungs above junk territory.

Let us know, do you feel Utica was shown in a negative light?

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